A new way to engage customers

Leading technological company Holoconnects specializes in holographic solutions powered by AI. Holoconnects is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that can change industries. The company has a team of industry specialists and a commitment to innovation. Businesses are able to engage customers, improve branding, and streamline operations thanks to their holographic technology.

According to this article, Holobox by Holoconnects provides a real-life, interactive experience. It automates processes and maximizes the time of FTEs to increase operating efficiency, lower costs, increase revenue, and improve service. At the Aiden® by Best Western, Holobox welcomes visitors with a pre-recorded hologram video to create a human connection. In addition to the 50+ locations already expecting to use Holobox over the next three years, nine hotels already use it.

“This revolutionary technology represents a major milestone for hoteliers. At a time when travel demand is high, and there is a global labor shortage, human-like automation is the answer. One employee can serve between 30 – 60 hotels during the night shift remotely via the Holobox, and the ROI of one Holobox at one location can be achieved within just months”, says Andre Smith, CEO and co-founder of Holoconnects.

The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive, therefore hotels are continuously looking for new ways to offer distinctive and memorable experiences to their guests. It has been created cutting-edge holographic technology that gives hotel guests an enthralling and immersive experience.

The hotel business can use the Holoconnects holographic solution in a variety of ways. Holograms may distinguish hotels from their competitors and make a positive impression on visitors, whether they are used to present holographic entertainment during events, host virtual meetings and conferences, or provide holographic music performances. Furthermore, holograms can produce realistic depictions of staff workers, boosting services and providing tailored interactions.

By using lifelike hotel check-in and out experiences and interactive holographic concierge services, hotels can now enthrall visitors and provide them with unmatched engagement levels. The Holobox holographic displays may offer real-time information, recommendations, and personalized services thanks to AI-powered capabilities, improving the overall guest experience.

Holographic displays from Holoconnects give hotels a distinctive and captivating approach to exhibiting their business identity. Also, hotels can use holograms to advance their marketing strategies. Holograms may enhance and promote original, Instagrammable social media postings, upsell on-property amenities and events, draw influencers or celebrities, and more.

By allowing conference and event organizers to hire Holoboxes so that CEOs, keynote speakers, or other distinguished visitors in attendance can join via a hologram, hotels are already boosting their already-existing audio-visual paid offerings. There are countless potential and revenue streams.

With the use of holographic technology from Holoconnects, hotels may increase internal operations, communication, and efficiency all around. Holographic virtual concierges can help guests check-in, provide them with information on amenities and nearby attractions, and even provide multilingual assistance. As a result, hotel staff members have less work to do and more time to concentrate on difficult or specialized guest interactions.

These holographic systems will certainly create more customer engagement through the combination of AI and realism. However, they represent not only an evolution of services where obviously fewer and fewer staff will be required, but they will also provide a new way of targeted advertising that will increasingly tend to push consumers to purchase based on their profile, maybe being tracked through an app that can connect to such technology.