Will A.I. become the next best DJ?

A.I. never ceases to amaze, even when it comes to music. Some producers have already been experimenting with the benefits of using A.I. to master their tracks reducing time and costs, even though it’s not always the best choice but for homemade studios, this means reaching good results with fewer tools.

Nevertheless, you may not know A.I. can create mashups from any songs you like. That’s what RaveDJ can do. A program that uses A.I. to blend two songs you choose from Youtube or Spotify with sometimes catchy and other times odd results.

The mashup technique is known since the mid-50s and consists in superimposing more or less long parts of two different songs to find harmony together. The technique uses either the instrumental or the vocals.

RaveDJ is hosted on the Rave website previously known as a group-watch streaming service that lets you stream videos from Netflix, YouTube, and other sites along with your pals from your phone or tablet.

RaveDJ also allows you to make your own DJ Set by mixing many songs together.

Here are some trending mashups such as Gangnam Style by PSY & Can’t touch this by MC Hammer; Sandstorm by Darude & Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley; Duality by Slipknot & Take on me by A-ha.

Try yourself and make the perfect mashup or listen to others!

A.I. is bound to penetrate the music field as well, upsetting even those who, thanks to creativity, are believed to be safe.

Source inputmag.com