New tech for heath and comfort

Two companies at CES announced the release of their own at-home urine testing that you can connect directly to your toilet and monitor your health data if you’re uncomfortable with pee tests like many people are. In addition, the famous american toilet manufacturer company Kohler presented its new technological toilet.



As introduced here, a palm-sized scanner that snaps right into your toilet bowl was unveiled by Withings. It’s called U-Scan, a nutrition and metabolic tracker that measures pH, ketone, vitamin C levels, and other metrics will be available, along with a second cartridge that tracks women’s luteinizing hormone during ovulation cycles. Each promises the earlier detection of possible medical problems.


The front of the toilet is where the U-Scan should be attached because it can detect whether it has come into touch with urine or toilet water. The three-month-long cartridges can even distinguish between your urine and that of any visitors depending on variables like distance and flow rate. Customers can access the specific app to monitor their health statistics without having to touch the sensor in the toilet bowl.



Due to its ergonomic design, Vivoo, a urine test company growing into the market with a focus on the healthcare and residential care segments, offers the second important smart toilet feature. Vivoo attaches to the hollow of the toilet seat, bringing all you need for testing right into your bathroom.

“The toilet’s ergonomic design, created with user experience at its heart, coupled with the moving urine strip will allow users to conveniently receive personalized well-being and nutritional advice, giving them the opportunity to take control over their own health and wellness via the recommendations provided by the Vivoo App”, says Miray Tayfun, co-founder and CEO of Vivoo.

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The urine strip is automatically examined within 90 seconds by an optical reader built into the seat thanks to its ergonomic design. In addition, the sensors employed in these experiments have been calibrated in case you’re worried the data might be wrong, they’re “underpinned by over 7,500 scientific articles, fact-checked by doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists”, according to Vivoo.

The company is best known for its at-home urine test strips that also transmit the results directly to your smartphone.


At CES this year, Kohler will debut three brand-new smart toilets. Each one has a built-in bidet, motion sensors to open and close the lid, ultraviolet lights for self-cleaning, backup emergency flushing (so you can flush during a power outage), and even a nightlight. Kohler Innate smart toilet is the least expensive of the three. In addition to the functions mentioned above, it has a heated seat and warm air dryer, and users can adjust the water temperature, pressure, and spray mode (with options for front and back wash). It also uses electrolyzed water to rinse its bowl and stainless-steel bidet wand.

kohler eir

The Eir smart toilet has a quiet-close elongated seat, a bidet wand with oscillating and pulsating options, and a feature that moistens the toilet bowl before use to improve flushing efficiency.

kohler numi 2

The cutting-edge, angular Numi 2.0 takes all of this a step further by including ambient lighting, support for Kohler Konnect, Kohler’s smart home platform that works with Alexa, customization options, and even a built-in speaker system. In addition, handheld remote controls can be used to operate every aspect of Numi.

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Additionally, smart valves can instruct a Kohler smart faucet to open for a brief period of time to release pressure on the pipes, reducing the risk of a burst, when the water in your supply lines may be near freezing. But the homeowner must owns at least one Kohler smart faucet that is not available with the original product.

spring shower infusion

Now the company will also have a showerhead that can add essential oils to the water running through it. The Sprig Shower Infusion System will infuse water with scent for several minutes when you add a pod of these essential oils, and every pod is made to produce a unique bathing “experience”. According to Kohler, installing their Sprig shower infusion system on already-existing piping is a simple do-it-yourself task.