A Guinness World Record museum

Contrary to popular belief, there are many toilet museums around the world, and some specifically about poop. We mentioned many in the past, including some exhibitions. But another peculiar museum about toilets we can’t fail to mention is in Ukraine and it’s the Museum of toilet History located in Kyiv.

As reported here, the Museum Of Toilet History, as its name suggests, explores the evolution of toilets from primitive society through antiquity, the middle ages, the renaissance, the 17th through the 20th centuries, and modernity. The museum also showcases pieces of art that were inspired by toilets and the world’s largest collection of toilet-themed memorabilia with more than 600 items. For that fame, the museum has also received accreditation from Guinness World Records.

The Museum of Toilet History was established in 2006 by Nikolay and Marina Bogdanenko, a Ukrainian couple, and is housed in the Kyiv Fortress, a building of the 19th-century. The pair, who had previously worked in the plumbing sector, made the decision to open the museum and stock it with artifacts they had gathered from their numerous travels throughout the world. The pair even released a 521-page book titled World History of Toilets in 2013.

This odd small place is frequently visited by many visitors, as evidenced by the museum’s monthly attendance of more than 1,000 people, suggesting that there’s a lot of interest in toilets.

There you’ll discover what toilets were like 5000 years ago, how they evolved into gathering places for people to talk and conduct business, as well as a toilet that was modeled after a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci which had flushing capabilities and was a request of a European Royal. You’ll also see historic porcelain chamber pots, learn about the development of toilet paper in China, enjoy some intriguing pieces of art, and, more importantly, have a look at more than 600 knick-knacks that revolve around toilets.

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After buying your ticket, a guide will lead you around the exhibit, providing you with a brief description of each item and responding to any questions you may have. Following the tour, you’ll see a few brief, amusing videos that explain how to position yourself appropriately when using the restrooms and give an overview of various amusing restrooms from across the world.

Following the historical section of your trip, you will reach the area with the toilet-themed artwork. While at the end of the tour, you’ll also find countless themed souvenirs, including magnets, ashtrays, soap dispensers, and more.