A flight attendant shares her travel tips

According to this article, TikToker Flight Bae B, a flight attendant, explains why you should never use toilet paper in airplane restrooms.

We can all agree that we’d prefer not to use the restrooms on any budget airline. However, there are situations when it is necessary.

Flight Bae B frequently offers her travel ideas on social media, and her most recent video has gone viral explaining that you should always ‘use the tissue paper’ instead of toilet paper.

When turbulence hits, little boys who are ‘pointing and shooting’ to pee, end up shooting everywhere, including on the toilet paper.

“If you don’t want that stuff in your nether regions, the tissue paper that’s usually up top. It’s cleaner”, she explained.

However, this isn’t the only insider tip the flight attendant has to share; she also has some hotel-related advice. As you may expect, flight attendants spend a lot of time on layovers and have learned a few useful tidbits during their time there.

That’s why Flight Bae B suggests checking your room.

The flight attendant also advises guests to prop their door open and check under their bed, behind the shower curtain, and anywhere else for any unwanted guests while your door is still open, in case you need to shout for help. It sounds scary but episodes like this might happen.

It may sound paranoid but she says you should also inspect your room for cameras to determine if there are any voyeuristic weirdos, according to the flight attendant.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, she goes on saying to not reveal the hotel you are staying in, so when people ask where you are staying, it’s better to lie. Wait until you’ve left to post anything on social media because people are strange, and they might penetrate your room or rob your apartment while you’re out.

People might creep up on other crew members in the future, according to the content developer, therefore fellow aviators shouldn’t discuss their layover hotels at all.

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