The future of Renaissance

If you want a little Renaissance for your photos, this A.I. is the right solution. A new web-based app is capable of transforming your face into an artwork in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. The name of the app is DaVinciFace.

The program, which was created by a Florence-based tech company, uses artificial intelligence and specific algorithms to change your face into something close to the Mona Lisa in just a few minutes.

Simply upload a photo to the DaVinciFace website, and in under two minutes, you’ll be presented with a Renaissance-style replica. However, according to Mathema, the tool’s creator, the process is incredibly difficult.

kanye west davinci
Kanye West with DaVinciFace. Photo by Clint Spaulding ©Patrick McMullan.

“DaVinciFace leverages Deep Learning technology by using a convolutional neural network, trained on DaVinci’s most famous portraits such as ‘La Gioconda’ or ‘La Belle Ferronière’, with more than 500 million parameters”, the website says. “Given the high computational capacity required to complete the processing in a reasonable time (now about 100 seconds), the application relies on state-of-the-art graphics hardware”.

Da Vinci’s style is particularly hard to emulate through A.I. This is because he is known to use chiaroscuro, a technique in which “shapes are formed directly from color instead of having a prior drawing that is then colored”.

Artificial Intelligence is getting better at doing almost anything. We can easily replicate a painting style, make music, edit videos, and manipulate media. We will potentially have a parallel world full of things never existed but now we are able to know how they would have been if they had been created. Now we are able to see how an actor looks playing a character in a movie he has never played or how a person would have been painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. And so on for music and other media. Therefore, in the future, it could be confusing to distinguish a creation coming from a real hand or artificial intelligence.