The PureWash E930 bidet seat from Kohler adds voice control, smartphone connectivity, and additional sprays to your existing toilet to make it smarter

The majority of people find it a bit excessive to throw away $10,000 for a complete smart toilet. For those who have always desired a high-end toilet, Kohler is launching a more affordable option at CES 2024. With the $2,149 PureWash E930 voice-controlled bidet seat, you can upgrade your old toilet to a much smarter one.

Bidet seats are appealing since they allow you to upgrade your plain toilet to a much more opulent one at a far lower cost. While Kohler’s bidet seats have been around for a while, the PureWash E930 stands out due to its connectivity with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This allows you to use your preferred virtual assistant to turn on the bidet spray, warm air dryer, and UV cleaning features. The best part is that nothing needs to be touched. You can customize the defaults and preferences by using the Kohler Konnect app.

In addition, the PureWash E930 boasts multiple spray settings, a heated seat, adjustable water pressure and temperature, and a remote control. This contains a full-pressure “boost” spray and a softer, gentler child mode. Kohler claims that the water is constantly heated for “consistent comfort” and that there is also an oscillating or pulsing spray. According to Alfred Richardson, the director of channel marketing and commercialization at Kohler, the E930 should suit the majority of elongated toilets because the manufacturer prioritized a low profile and slim design. Additionally, the E930 does not economize on some of the trendier smart toilet bells and whistles. It contains LED lights, just like the Numi 2.0, so it may be used as a nightlight. To put it another way, you can obtain the functionality of a whole smart toilet without really having to purchase a new one.


Kohler has additional smart bathroom technology planned for CES. The $266 Atmo bathroom fans combine smart lighting and ventilation. The smart fan can sense the humidity and temperature in your bathroom automatically and adjust its on/off time accordingly. Using the Kohler Konnect app, you can also adjust the light’s color temperature and fan speed to conform to circadian lighting.

In the meantime, you can now customize your shower experience and keep an eye on your water usage with Kohler’s latest addition to its Anthem shower controller series. Anthem Plus, which costs $2,800, comes with four extra features. Now, you may add up to 12 water outlets, such as a rainfall shower head or a detachable shower head, and fully regulate the lighting, sound, and steam. Similar to Kohler’s other devices, Alexa and Google Home allow voice control. Nine presets are also included for different situations, like right before bed, right after a workout, and right before morning.

Wellness at home

Kohler made an impact at CES this year with their shower technology, which helps transform a home bathroom into a spa. Updated from the original Anthem ($441), the Anthem+ Digital Control is essentially a bathroom display hub that allows you to adjust water temperature, pressure, and other settings from a sleek wall-mounted screen. Different kinds of showerheads and other connected devices in your bathroom, such as music and light controllers, can be connected to the Anthem+.

stillness bath

The Stillness Bath, a range of smart tubs from Kohler that automatically fill, heat, and drain, is an example of this kind of technology. With light, scent, and fog, you can create relaxing experiences that are immersive.

It is noteworthy that the key component of a fully intelligent bathroom appears to be the smart valves, which must be installed in the waterline itself. However, once you have smart valves installed, operating them with an app or physical interface is simple.