The right position if you are constipated

According to a doctor, pooping incorrectly can cause cancer. Singaporean nephrologist Daria Sadovskaya, 29, regularly posts health-related content on TikTok.

As reported in the New York Post, the kidney specialist demonstrated a pooping posture in a video that has received over 26 million views, helping viewers avoid constipation and maintain good health.

She is shown in the video with her left leg crossed over her lap and her foot resting on her right thigh. Then, as if extending her hamstring, she looks behind her and twists her body to the left.


What to do if you’re constipated and can’t poop? Try this position, it will help you to poop fast. #healthypooping #poopfast #constipationhelp ♬ original sound – Jazzzz

“What to do if you’re constipated and can’t poop? Try this position; it will help you to poop fast”, read the caption on the video.

The doctor explained that constipation can affect your health in addition to being painful and annoying.

“Constipation is an issue itself, but it [using the wrong position] can also lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissures, urinary problems, even increases the risks of colorectal cancer”, Sadovskaya explained.

“In addition to all of the above, it can cause nutritional deficiencies, bowel dysfunction, and even psychological issues”, she went on, saying that these circumstances might encourage the spread of cancer.

She said the pooping hack she displays in the video is a “kind of self-massage, helping the stool come out faster and easier”.

The position is one way to deal with “light constipation” and is something you may do to enhance your bowel movement experience in addition to following a good diet.


“As well as sitting in this position, you should increase your fiber intake, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, avoid caffeine and alcohol”, the doctor said.

Thousands of people thanked the doctor in the comments section of the video below for her helpful toilet suggestion.

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