A community on Reddit demonstrates many carry out this practice

More above suspicion than those who pee in the shower, are those who pee in the sink. If you don’t believe they exist or if you are one of them, you would have to know there’s even a subreddit (r/Sinkpissers) with a community of users who usually pee in the sink.

They promote themselves as people who prefer to urinate in the sink rather than flushing their waste down the toilet in order to conserve seven liters of water.

However, some statements of the sink-pissing community are not always serious, as in the first line of this story: “So I was pissing in my sink as usual and then a frog came out of the drain and started sucking my cock”. On close examination, though, you’ll discover that some individuals are presenting genuinely passionate justifications for the lifestyle and occasionally posting pictures of it.

As reported by the Rolling Stones, the ‘movement’s’ history and philosophy were discussed with two of the group’s moderators. The first is a habitual sink-pisser, a 26-year-old married man whose nickname is ShrekMemes420. The second person, a 29-year-old guy admitted to having “done it once or twice, but not seriously”. He continues to hold his position on the board “because I just enjoy Reddit, and it was the first time I got offered to moderate a subreddit”. We’ll refer to these two men as A and B for simplicity.

The two men concur that some Redditors merely view sink-pissing as material for memes and that the subreddit’s humor first draws them in. A says that “most people find our subreddit as a joke, then join and actually try it.” B makes reference to an earlier time when the page took the subject of water conservation more seriously but claims that there is now “a fair mix” of serious arguments and satirical riffing.

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As for the practice itself, A explains, “As a kid, I just thought it was fun”. He didn’t learn that others were doing it for environmental reasons, at least in part, until he joined Reddit because: It requires almost no water to do it, it results in a lower water bill, and hardly ever requires cleanup. He thinks it might be something you just sort of stumble upon. A claims that after doing it once while drunk, peeing in sinks “everywhere he goes”, from his employment to the homes of his friends, has become a habit.

A’s wife, he says, is aware of and not concerned by this. “When we started dating, I told her about it, and she has no issues with it”, he says. “She doesn’t like if it splashes up and makes a mess, but it doesn’t, you just squeeze and it goes right down the drain, with no evidence of you doing it”. When asked if he feels lucky to be married to a woman who is so understanding, A responds, “I consider myself lucky every day for my wife”.

A’s wife confirmed that she is not bothered by his habit of pissing in the sink in a different Twitter direct message. In fact, she is in favor of it. She claims that boys who use toilets are messy. It’s much cleaner with him using the sink, for whatever reason, “I don’t know if it’s the depth perception or aim or what, but it’s a lot cleaner with him using the sink”.

“Let he who hasn’t pissed in the shower cast the first stone or however that Bible verse goes”, says A. “Women pee all the time in the shower, it’s no different than peeing in the sink”. But there is a clear male majority on the subreddit, he continues. “I think a lot of women would have difficulty” peeing in the sink, he explains. “My wife has in the past, but it’s just a bit too cumbersome to do it multiple times a day”.

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B is a staunch supporter of the toilet, but he also recognizes the advantages of sink-pissing. He argues that even if 13,500 of his members only use the sink once, they will still save 6 liters of water. If half of the sub did it once, 81,000 liters would be conserved; that’s a big amount. “I estimate that’s still about 75,000 liters saved, even after subtracting the tiny amount of water used for rinsing and cleaning”, he calculates. “So imagine if the majority did it just once, that’s an astounding amount of water saved. I’m pretty sure that may have an impact, albeit a minor one?”.

The water-waste defense appears to be a weak argument, regardless of its validity. Sink-pissing typically results from curiosity, convenience, or simple pleasure rather than any moral premise, as A and many page members openly acknowledge. Only when the group seeks to collectively normalize the behavior does this environmental narrative emerge. A remembers that the subreddit’s creator, who left it to him after quitting social media, accepted both the humorous and serious aspects of the subject. “He was nice, environmentally conscious, and loved memes about sink-pissing”, A says.

Because some people have a fetish for this sort of thing, we actually used to have a subreddit called r/sinkpissersgonewild, which was a pornographic subreddit. However, since the subreddit was recently taken down, more individuals are sharing videos of their genitalia urinating in Sinkpisser. Therefore, he and the other moderators ban some users after issuing warnings and removing such photos from the main sink-pissing board.

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“The subreddit was originally intended to be a serious subreddit”, B insists, but admits that many men used it as a justification to post their dicks. “We try our best as mods to remove those posts and actively ban users who do so, as well as temporarily ban people who come here who think it’s a place to take the piss, no pun intended there”.

Beyond the humor and environmental justification that appears to be a secondary motivation, although it may be plausible; sink-pissing, for males, is to be considered more as a matter of convenience since it effectively simulates the role of the urinal in public restrooms that neither requires lifting or putting down the seat nor having contact with less hygienic surfaces than the faucet, such as the button of the toilet flush may be. In addition, it is a practice that I have heard repeatedly carried out by various people, so it cannot be confined to a mere small community, but it demonstrates how such a practice exists in different parts of the world instead.