In China nature calls for different reasons

As described here, Liangzi Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Hubei (China), and it is surrounded by water and the sky. Hubei Tourism Investment Group has supported the improvement of its scenic spot to recover the main tourism status of the lake. The supporting facilities will be upgraded with public bathrooms which are one of the first major projects, as well as one of the scenic locations of the wharf.

The facility is located in a camphor forest on the east bank of Liangzi Lake in Changling wharf. A camphor forest is a fantastic area to relax and socialize because there is a little town nearby that becomes quite busy in the evening.

The original plan was to place all of the facilities in the forest, concealing the toilet’s uniqueness. However, they later agreed that the toilet should not be a nasty location, but rather a place where people may rest both physically and emotionally. As a result, they exposed part of the toilet and positioned it on one side of the forest, making it a passageway connecting the forest and the garden.

The entire structure is ring-shaped, with excellent internal accessibility and a manicured courtyard in the center for people to stop and watch. However, most people enjoy gazing up at the sky. The circular flow lines combine with large windows and thanks to the windy shore of the lake, this makes the indoor area very ventilated and shady, so much that some joked that they lost money quickly by constantly going to the toilet.

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The building was made using a steel structure to satisfy the needs of rapid construction. The ground is lifted to give a sensation of lightness, and the exterior wall is adorned with a wooden grille to make the windows invisible from the facade and blend in with the surrounding landscape. Even when the lights are turned off, the space is brightened by the round high window.

Early in the morning, the light from the building is displayed in the form of spots while the view of Liangzi Lake dominates. Surprisingly, people overlook the fact that this could be a “smelly” and “filthy” location.

One more time, the East is trying to give a new perception of the toilet, trying to break away from the concept of a dirty place but rather to make it part of the environment thanks to a wise study of architecture and the landscape.

Photos by ArchiTranslator