They spend more time on the toilet than women

If you thought women were more complicated than men when it comes to going to the toilet maybe you are wrong. Men may spend more time on the toilet than women and there’s a physiological explanation for that, according to a doctor. We already talked about some strange behaviors that happen while men are in the bathroom, such as getting naked or experiencing a boner. However, the latter may have a correlation to the so-called ‘poo-phoria’ feeling we are going to explain.

It all started when a user on TikTok stated that women take less than 5 minutes to use a restroom because their poo doesn’t touch their G-spot like men, Dr. Karan Rajan replied this idea could be true since men can experience a feeling of ‘poo-phoria’ when grappling with a large load.

This is due to the prostate, often referred to as the male G-spot, a gland located in front of the rectum. Therefore, a large bowel movement may stimulate it, leading to ‘poo-phoria’, the doctor explains.


According to Princeton gastroenterologist Dr. Anish Sheth, the sense of relief that occasionally comes with an urgent trip to the toilet can be so powerful that it might feel like a religious experience or an orgasm.

Dr. Sheth, co-author of What’s Your Poo Telling You?, argues that passing a particularly large stool might stimulate nerves, resulting in an orgasmic-like feeling or ‘poo-phoria’ as Dr. Karan calls it.

For some people, the sensation can even become addicting, the doctor explains.

“The distension of the rectum that comes with the passing of a large mass of stool causes the vagus nerve to fire”.

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“The net effect of this is a drop in your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn decreases blood flow to the brain. When mild, the light-headedness can lead to a sense of sublime relation, the high”.

But when attempting to chase that first high, like many other pleasures in life, this inevitably leads to diminishing returns, and in some circumstances, even disastrous repercussions.

Dr. Sheth warned against overdoing it, claiming that pushing too hard can cause the user to feel light-headed and prone to losing consciousness.

“A more significant drop in brain perfusion can cause ‘defecation syncope’, a dangerous syndrome that results in a loss of transient consciousness (the O.D. or Over-Doodie)”, they explained.

So, when men are in the bathroom feel like thrown in another dimension where they feel free and experiment new perceptions.