The video went viral but more explicit clips were removed

As reported in this article, German politician Martin Neumaier recorded a video of himself licking public restrooms inside a railway station. The Free Democratic Party (FDP) candidate for the Ostalb district was shown in the video that went viral on social media putting his face into a toilet and licking the toiletries, which included a brush. In addition, the controversial figure posted videos of himself engaging in sexual activity online. The website took down the majority of the videos that went popular on X; however, in one of those videos, Neumaier is shown “masturbating rectally with a sex toy” and singing the German national hymn from the Nazi era.

He licked the metal fixtures of a urinal and a seated toilet, which disgusted many users on social media, including native German speakers. In the video, Neumaier is heard stating that it was a part of his “punishment,” although he doesn’t go into much more detail. In another video that has since been taken down from social media, he played the former Chancellor Adolf Hitler and created a mustache out of poo.

In the upcoming local elections in the Swabian city of Aalen, where 70,000 voters are expected, Neumaier is the FDP’s candidate. Videos showing Neumaier ridiculing the holy texts of religion and the German national anthem before the city’s council election startled a lot of people.

No one knows how the video was leaked to the public, and the guy hasn’t said why he was doing that.

Dr. Gareth Nye, a medical expert, explains the impact of the man’s actions.

“Toilets, especially public ones, are not something I would ever recommend someone licking. This goes even more for toilet brushes and other related tools. The good news for this person is that they are extremely unlikely to pick up many STIs (sexually transmitted infections) from this activity, with viral-based STIs not surviving more than a few seconds on a surface like a toilet seat.”

“It wouldn’t be likely to die from doing this activity, but you are certainly going to be quite unwell and likely have some nasty gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea.”

And another medical expert, who didn’t want to be named given the grotesque nature of the story, said: “Rubbing poo is going to give you a rash because it’s dry and irritant, which will be painful. It can put you at risk of developing candida, which is a fungus bacteria and can be painful to treat.”

A spokesman for the FDP said: “We have decided to end support for the candidate in question with immediate effect. In order to fully investigate the incident and impose appropriate sanctions, we have initiated party regulatory proceedings to expel you from the party. We are committed to transparency as this investigation progresses and will provide regular updates on our progress.”