Different designs, different needs

Purchasing a toilet sounds like a very simple task. They are all essentially doing the same thing, and the options aren’t that great. Correct? False.

More options are available than ever for toilets today, ranging from elegant tankless models to comfort heights. Leah Tuttleman, an interior designer at Re-Bath bathroom remodeling, states that “design trends evolve over time, and bathroom fixtures are no exception”.

According to this article, Tuttleman has over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial design, including fabrication, project management, and directing. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

The size of the bowl comes next. Which would you prefer—a round toilet, an elongated or square one? Before leaving the store or clicking the online checkout button, even if you’re staying with a standard white commode, be sure you have the answer to this important question. Each offers advantages of its own based on your requirements and preferences. Below, Tuttleman discusses why it matters how your toilet is shaped.

Round toilets

This is your typical toilet, which you can find in small powder rooms and older homes. According to Tuttleman, round bowls are a good choice if space is limited because they are generally smaller in size. Consider half-baths, apartments, and children’s restrooms.

Another perk is the price. “Generally speaking, round bowls are less expensive”, Tuttleman says.

Round bowls are available in two heights: ADA-compliant comfort height (17 to 19 inches) and regular height (approximately 15 to 16 inches). According to Tuttleman, it’s a good idea to experiment with various heights to see which suits you best. Round bowl toilets are available in normal rough-in sizes (i.e., the distance from the wall to the floor drain) even with a smaller profile.

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Elongated toilets

You’re not alone if you’re considering using an elongated toilet bowl. According to Tuttleman, “the elongated shape is by far the most popular choice for bowl shape today”.

The majority of people find them more comfortable because of their natural, body-shaping fit. Because of this, those who are taller, heavier, or have limited mobility often choose them.

Compared to round bowls, elongated bowl toilets provide a wider variety of styles and colors. Furthermore, according to Tuttleman, elongated bowls “are considered more modern and add a sleek look to the bathroom”. Like round ones, they come in various heights and typical rough-in sizes.

Given that elongated toilets require two inches more space than round ones, it’s critical to take your space’s footprint and overall dimensions into account. Verify the measurements to ensure that the item you select fits properly in your bathroom. The front of the toilet should not be struck by the door.

Elongated bowls are approximately 18-1/2 inches long from the center of the mounting bolts to the front of the rim. Get an elongated toilet seat if this applies to your toilet.

Square toilets

The sleek, modern design of square toilets complements elegant, modern bathrooms found in some commercial spaces, such as eateries. If you want to modernize your bathroom and add this uncommon toilet shape, you can make it a chic, modern, and useful space.

The amount of comfort associated with square-shaped toilets is a topic of discussion. Because it more closely matches a person’s natural shape when sitting, some people find that the elongated toilet bowl and seat shape is the most pleasant. However, because a square toilet may better support your thighs than a regular chair can, some individuals find it to be more pleasant.

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Toilets with a square shape are thought to look more contemporary than ones with a round or elongated design. Square toilet designs come in a range of styles, including one- and two-piece models. Wall-mounted or tankless square toilets are just two examples of the different types that might improve a bathroom’s modern toilet look. Additionally, there are other options for smart toilets that come with heated seats, lights, and bidets.

Choosing the ideal toilet shape

Although Tuttleman notes that this choice usually boils down to individual preferences, there are a few considerations to weigh when deciding the bowl.

  • Space: Compared to elongated and square toilets, round toilets require less space.
  • Comfort: You get more space up front with elongated bowls because they are longer as well as square bowls since they fit better to the legs.
  • Variety: Since elongated bowls are more common, there is a greater variety of colors and styles available.
  • Price: In general, round bowls are less expensive than elongated and square ones.
  • Style: Elongated bowls offer a classic look while square bowls are more modern.

What about bidets?

While standalone models of bidets are becoming more and more popular, not everyone can tear up their bathroom to install one. Fortunately, it’s not necessary. According to Tuttleman, bowl shapes are typically compatible with bidet attachments.

These attachments are usually simple to install. To be sure it will fit, confirm compatibility with the maker of your toilet before making a purchase.