Even aliens might need to poop

According to this article, the bigger and better sequel to Respawn and EA’s 2019 game Jedi: Fallen Order called Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sees Cal Kestis, a young Jedi, playing the main character in Survivor, a third-person action-adventure game, as he attempts to defeat the Empire and finally decides on a lightsaber color. Early in the game, Cal breaks his ship and travels to the planet Koboh in order to seek the assistance of an old friend in repairing the ship. And there, you can find a restroom on this planet, located within a dirty cantina. Not only is there a collectable in the bathroom, but we can see a canonical toilet in a Star Wars game for the first time ever.

Given that it’s simply a toilet in a bathroom, you might not find that extraordinary. Yet, toilets are extremely uncommon in the Star Wars universe.

star wars toilet

The restroom in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is located in Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh, the game’s large open-world hub. When you initially enter the bar, it is located behind a door on the right side. Within a few hours of the game’s start, you can discover it. It’s obvious that EA and Respawn didn’t want to make anyone wait to use the restroom.

Not only is there a toilet in the bar, but you can also flush it with the Force. When you accomplish this, you receive a trophy or achievement as well as a valuable shard that can be used to purchase a brand-new cosmetic item from a nearby merchant.

You can read articles on everything that appears in the Star Wars franchise by visiting Wookieepedia. And many of these articles will have numerous images and sections in addition to hundreds of words, even for unremarkable stuff or background characters.

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Yet, there is much less material on Wookiepedia’s entry for toilets. The canon entry currently contains one paragraph and a somewhat short list of instances where people have discussed restrooms or toilets in different books, comics, or other places.

the mandalorian toilet

Strangely, the bathroom entry on the wiki has less information and references than the previous, no longer canon Legends version. Generally, though, that isn’t the case because the previous Star Wars universe created before Disney was expanded over decades by EU books and comics. But, in our current Star Wars era, toilets are experiencing a modern rebirth. One even appeared in The Mandalorian on Disney+, by the way.

In fact, this is the first time a canonical, non-Easter egg toilet has ever appeared in a Star Wars video game. Without considering you can also flush it. Toilets don’t appear in Star Wars very frequently, and when they do, they’re practically never used on camera. We may have never before witnessed a Jedi using the Force to run a toilet. This is undoubtedly a significant turning point in Star Wars history.