Stephanie Matto switched her business to sweat

Stephanie Matto, before becoming famous for selling her farts in jars, was known as the star of the reality show 90-day fiancé. However, she had to stop her new business because she suffered from chest pains after eating too many beans and eggs, a diet she followed for continuously selling farts which led her to hospitalization.

When she became a social media influencer, she opened her personal social platform Unfiltrd, a sort of OnlyFans where she sells her stuff.

After the accident, however, the girl didn’t give up and switched to another fetish to sell: her breast sweat.

Now, according to reports, Matto earns up to $5,000 each day by selling bottles of her breast sweat on her website. And when the weather is warm enough, she can fill up to ten bottles.

She announced the new product on Instagram where she also explained how the sweat is collected in the jars: basically she places the jar near her breast to gather the sweat that drips down.

Selling these strange things is not that unusual but the trend exploded with the spread of these new social media where people can sell adult stuff easily.

However, Japanese were the precursor of selling these kinds of fetishes. In fact, in the 90s, some vending machines started selling used underwear. But with the evolution of the web, in the West, these things moved to personal websites before finding a space in dedicated web services.