The bathroom that apparently doesn’t make sense

On social media, Batgirl fans are debating a bizarre comic strip depicting a horribly built bathroom.

Even though the erroneous bathroom only appears in a single panel, fans have been obsessed with it for years, and current attention has reignited debate about it.

batgirl bathroom meme

On social media, people tend to take a comic book image and spread it throughout the internet, and intentionally mock it. But sometimes those who ignore the context unintentionally criticize something without realizing they don’t know what they’re talking about.

The image in question is from 2016’s Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5. When you look at it, it appears that the door to Batgirl’s bathroom is blocked behind her bathtub and toilet, which is obviously incorrect structurally.

batgirl bathroom

According to, Roge Antonio is the artist behind this panel, who is now working on She-Hulk for Marvel. In any case, the set-up for the panel deals with a strange person who is using Batgirl’s former alias, Oracle (the computer hacking superhero name she used when she was paralyzed from being shot by the Joker), to undertake computer hacking. At the opening of the issue, they pursue this false Oracle to a penthouse apartment, where they discover that he is clearly a tremendous fan of the real Oracle.

batgirl bathroom full

In a broad image of the room provided by a Twitter user, readers can see that the bathtub is not blocking the door, because it’s not a door but a wall design element, and that the doorway is farther down in panel, despite a rug has been placed fully under the toilet, defying all plumbing requirements. Anyway, fans have become increasingly inflamed on Twitter, including critics, and even industry professionals that have all weighed in on the restroom.

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Some have remarked on how large the bathroom is, but this is because it is not Batgirl’s bathroom, but rather the bathroom of this hacker man, who lives in a penthouse apartment, hence the size. Sure, the shower curtains don’t make sense, and some of the tilings are odd, but suffice it to say, there isn’t a door between the bathtub and the toilet.