A series of volumes set in the bathroom

When we go to the toilet, we often look for something to read while we’re sitting on the bowl. Nothing too challenging but something easy and maybe relaxing. Before the era of smartphones, we used to read magazines or even the list of the ingredients of our shampoo or liquid soap to entertain ourselves. Now, we prefer reading something from our phone or, even better, to watch some videos.

However, a classic book reading would always be the better choice to keep our desire of reading alive. Therefore, “Toilet stories” is the right choice to combine business with pleasure because you can read stories about toilets while on the toilet.

“Toilet stories” is a series of volumes by Asami Hyougetsu with illustrations by Shinsuke Yoshitake about stories revolving around toilets. Good or bad stories that may happen or might have happened to everybody. Since these stories are thought to be read on the toilet you normally take from 1 to 5 minutes to read them. You can simply find the duration of each story directly from the table of contents, so you can choose depending on your time.

All the stories have different genres, as well as many themes, told in various styles but all stories are realistic and one or more of these may also have happened to you.

A toilet is a private place where you can relax, you can reflect, far away from your daily routine and from the people who usually bother you. But it could be worse if you are in a public toilet. How many stories are behind the people who enter this place? What did they go through? And what will it happen to those when leaving the toilet? Therefore the toilet becomes a little window onto different worlds.

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However, all the stories are rarely linked together, so if you’re looking for continuity that’s not the case. In addition, if you like books with many illustrations you’ll be disappointed because they are few and little efficient.

Nevertheless, the book is recommendable because the stories are well-written and fun. In addition, this is an original idea that fulfills its purpose: to explore the toilet from the toilet.