From ‘Fart way to heaven’ to ‘Enter fartman’

When it comes to buying a new pedal effect for your guitar, there are many options around, such as reverbs, delays, distortions, choruses, phasers, etc… It’s hard to make a choice, but if you want to experiment with something different for your guitar, you can opt for The Fart Pedal, which can turn your instrument tone into fart noises.

The product is a Kickstarter project conceived by a guy called Steve Gadlin, who defines himself as a “silly projects guy” and realized the market lacked the presence of this specific pedal effect for guitars.

“Sometimes you Google something and you realize it doesn’t exist, so you pull up your bootstraps and you invent the damn thing yourself. A few months ago, after an exhaustive Google search at two or three in the morning, I realized no such thing existed”, Gadlin explained.

“I approached an engineer friend of mine, Jon Halverson, and asked, ‘Is it possible?’ Well, he told me, ‘Steve, of course, it’s possible, but who the heck is going to want a guitar pedal that turns your guitar noises into fart noises?’ Well, I sure as heck would”, he added.

the fart pedal
The Fart Pedal – Photo by Kickstarter

Maybe saying it sounds good wouldn’t be the correct yardstick, but we can confirm it sounds realistic, and thanks to the wet/dry switch, you can also range a variety of different fart noises.

These custom fart noises hold an exclusive license and have been tailored specifically for a guitar amplifier and tuned for exceptional live or studio performance.

Since the pedal is also conceived as a prank tool, it’s provided with decals to mask it and make it look like a normal pedal.

The complete package includes the pedal sealed into an aluminum can, so you’ll need a can opener to get the pedal.

Amos Heller, the Taylor Sweet bass player, made a blind review of the pedal with a funny result.

If you need a demonstration, they have made a series of videos in which famous rock songs are played along with the effect.

You can contribute to this project through its Kickstarter page.

Funny tool but it would have been better if farts could have distorted notes altering the guitar tone as if it played farty notes rather than producing fart effects muting the guitar sound.