Ggool is a new Korean eco-friendly crypto

Cryptocurrencies are spreading more and more. They are based on anything, and something related to toilets couldn’t be missed. This is the idea of a professor of environmental engineering called Cho Jae-won at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. He invented a special kind of eco-toilet called BeeVi (blending the words bee and vision), which pays you with a cryptocurrency called Ggool (which means honey in Korean) when you use it.

Students of the Institute can earn up to 10 Ggool a day using the toilet. The money earned can then be used to buy books or coffees in the cafeteria of the campus. The BeeVi works with a vacuum pump to suction waste into an underground bio-reactor where microorganisms are fed with waste and release methane from it, used as combustible fuel for the heating system. The toilet separates poop and pee. In addition, it needs just 1 liter of water to flush poop (classic toilets require up to 13 liters) and 0.5 liters to flush pee. So, as bees produce something valuable like honey, BeeVi does the same, producing fuel.

Cho explained that approximately a person poops 500 gr. a day. According to his experiments, these amounts of waste can be converted into 50 liters of methane that can generate 0.5 kWh of electricity, which is enough to power a dishwasher or a mobile phone. The same quantity of energy can move an electric car for about 1 km. The same methane can fuel a stove in a kitchen. In addition, Cho explained that water can also be treated and reused in a kitchen sink, for example.

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Now there are several toilets in the University that students and teachers can use, and they are paid for that.

Ggool is defined as a unit of Feces Standard Money (FSM), a standard digital currency that can be used on a store called FSM Network. Feces Standard Money works according to three principles: sharing and connection, disappearing money, and the concept of basic income. The point is to create a new digital currency where anyone can contribute and earn through human waste.

“We wish money could exist in nature and once you use that money, return to the natural state”, says the creator of BeeVi.

Even a toilet can now become a cash machine or rather an ass machine.