Simple but charming

Are you ready for Halloween? Horror stuff and pumpkins are coming and everybody will be decorating their houses to celebrate it but we cannot fail to include our bathrooms in this atmosphere. Here is a cheap but charming craft idea to decorate our bathroom with these fancy toilet papers, looking like pumpkins. They are easy to make and no sewing is required.

There are many ways to make them and you can free your imagination but basically, you need 4 items.


  • A toilet paper roll (you can use a larger one if you intend to give a more pumpkin shape)
  • A squared piece of fabric (18-20 inch)
  • A green ribbon or leaves
  • A piece of branch or a cinnamon stick


  1. Unroll the toilet paper for a few times and then roll it back loosely to give a more round shape (optional)
  2. Lay out the fabric and put the toilet paper in the center
  3. Grab one corner of the fabric then tuck into the toilet paper hole, gather up the fabric, and do the same for each corner
  4. Take your branch or cinnamon stick and stuff it into the toilet paper roll hole then tie a ribbon around the stick\branch or add leaves to the stem.

If you use a cinnamon stick, this will give you a good smell in the environment.

And when you need to use your roll, you just have to unpack the toilet roll and it’s ready to use. There’s no waste.

Here are some examples.

And here are some video tutorials to help you better understand the process. The first example doesn’t require unrolling the paper.

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In the second example, a larger toilet roll was used.

And in the third one, a standard toilet roll was used but it’s been previously unrolled and rolled back.

Now you know the steps. So, Have a Happy Halloween, and don’t forget your toilet paper!