Shaving cream hack gets rid of the smell of pee in your toilet

Maybe it could be any mother’s dream, especially if she has boys in the household, I’m talking about how hard it can be to get rid of the smell of pee in the toilet because often scrubbing, cleaning, and deodorizing don’t do the job especially when men don’t hit the target.

Now a new cleaning hack seems the solution to banish the unsightly smell, just with one simple product: nothing expansive or hard to find, only simple shaving cream.

Shaving cream seems the perfect solution for removing pee smells, all you have to do is spray and smear a generous layer of foam (the cheapest you find is good anyway) around the toilet and rim. Leave it for about 10-30 minutes before wiping it off with a mop and hot water. The result is a shiny and clean toilet, with no smells.

Many, who tried, said they are completely satisfied but others warned not to let the shaving cream dry because it would be hard to remove. Anyway, everybody agrees on this hack works and removes wee smell perfectly.

However, recently a mum, on a popular Facebook page, suggested using a broom to better scrub the foam to keep it from slipping on the floor or getting too dirty.

Although this hack may work well, the most boring part is wiping the shaving cream off, especially if you have a large bathroom.

In the following video, there are some other tips on how to use shaving cream to clean your house, such as: removing spots from your rug, eliminating squeaking, polishing chromes, etc…

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