More than 100,000 visitors interested in this poop exhibition

Japanese are famous for their innovative toilets but also for making everything that may look strange or bizarre for the Western world, something funny or cute. That’s what happened with poop: in Yokohama, near Tokyo, they opened a new museum about poop.

It’s not the first time we see Japanese joking or having fun with poop. That’s interesting because it seems they always try to dismantle social taboos like those about toilets.

In the poop museum, everything about poop is funny and cute. Nothing is made of real poop, but all are colorful and playful. There, poop is in twisty ice cream and cupcake shapes; different colors and sizes. So, this museum is perfect for adults and children who can do different activities.

In the main hall, a ceiling-high poop sculpture erupts every 30 minutes, spitting out little foam poops. Visitors, after a short video introduction, are asked to sit on one of seven colorful toilets. Music plays as a user pretends to poop, then a brightly colored souvenir poop can be collected from inside the toilet bowl.

Toilets at Unko Museum
Toilets at Unko Museum

In another room, players use a projection-mapping game like whack-a-mole to stamp on and squash the most poops they can. In another game, participants compete to make the biggest poop by shouting the word in Japanese, unko, as loudly as possible. Moreover, there’s a football video game that involves using a controller to kick a poop into a goal.

Squash poop
Squash poop

For Instagrammers, you’ll have the chance to have your photos taken while posing with a bunch of colorful poops in a pink setting. There is also an exhibition of unko art pieces, as well as poop-themed souvenirs from around the world.

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Instagram Poop
Poop selfy

The museum attracted more than 100,000 visitors in the first month after its opening in March. It will remain open until September.