Keith Boadwee is an American artist famous for his privates in his works

Keith Boadwee is a transgressive artist, known for his humorous photographic self-portraits. He mixes painting, performance art, and photography to make his works.

He is famous for squirting paint onto canvases from his anus. ‘Red strip’ or ‘Purple squirt’ are examples of this practice, but even in ‘Crystal Geyser’ where he appears only in a form of a naked butt spouting white paint out of his rectum like a volcanic eruption.

Sometimes he refers to his art as Op or Pop art where the letter ‘O’ is an opportunity to display his anus.

Despite that, he is not limited to anally-oriented art but he also uses his cock, such as in ‘Baby with hearts blue’ where his penis is painted and has a little doll head on its glans, and the rest of the body, painted with hearts simulates the background.

Another peculiar work is ‘Smurf pissing’ where a naked smurf is pissing on the artist who is painted like a smurf.

There are several other works where anus and penis are used in different creative ways. To have a better idea, check out more of his works on his website.

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