A famous plumbing brand also makes tasty chocolates

The famous American manufacturing company Kohler, known for its plumbing products, surprisingly also sells chocolates. Two apparently parallel worlds with a common source that is taken seriously by the company.

They have been making chocolates since 2007 with an original recipe and you can find more information on their specific website.

While the chocolates are available for purchase online, there are also two physical locations: one in Kohler, Wisconsin, and another in Chicago’s Lincoln Park district.

In actuality, it’s not as far-fetched as you may imagine. The corporation owns and runs Destination Kohler, which includes the five-star American Club Resort, Kohler Waters Spa, and other enterprises focusing on health, in its namesake hamlet of Kohler. Even an annual Food & Wine fest is held there and the hotel kitchen was the inspiration for the chocolates.

As reported, the Kohler resort, which was quite proud of its chocolate, decided to diversify its offerings by adding specialty chocolate stores.

Some of the confections have very lovely handcrafted decorations that have been painted, drizzled, or specked on.

The ganache cores were creamy and never gritty, which is another excellent aspect of the texture but these chocolates are incredibly rich.

Here are some:

  • Original Buttery Terrapin: It’s a spin on a turtle but it’s rich, creamy, and one of the strongest.
  • Dark chocolate heart: These heart-shaped dark chocolate shells are painted red and filled with a raspberry ganache with hints of champagne and cognac.
  • Rare Facets: This collection has jewel-toned, gem-shaped chocolates with fruity ganache centers.
  • A limited-edition red, white, and blue chocolate: This half-sphere had a white chocolate shell speckled with red and blue, filled with a birthday cake ganache.
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While consumers may enter Kohler’s chocolate shop in Chicago from the street, it is connected to its Waters Spa. It’s a neat little shopfront that resembles a fancy department store’s candy counter rather than an independent chocolatier. You can choose from the assortment of chocolates under glass or choose a box of chocolates off the shelf.

People are pleasantly surprised when they visit the store for the first time. But others maybe would like to find toilet-shaped chocolates.