With poop, kids learn more

We have by now learned that Japan tends to make poop funny. That’s why you can find it anywhere: in toys, anime, manga, food, and even in books because they found that kids learn better with poo.

The evidence is the success of a series of educational Poop Drill (Unko Drill) books, which started in 2017 with the widely popoolar Poop Kanji Drill. Since then, a vast educational media empire using poop as a theme has emerged.

Drill books are exercise texts for learning new words that rely on the concept of repetition.

There are six books in the Unko Kanji Drill (Poop Kanji Drills) series, each one matching a grade in a Japanese primary school. The series covers 1,006 kanji in total, giving three examples of each that also include the term “poop”. It’s the perfect technique to motivate your child or adult with a childish mindset to improve their handwriting.

As explained here, The Poop Money Drill is the most recent version of this series, which teaches children financial literacy. The two volumes that make up Poop Money Drill are the “Economy Edition”, which discusses the value of money circulation in society, and the “Life Edition”, which concentrates on individual financial issues. Together, they cover a wide variety of ideas, from excessive borrowing to cooling-off periods.

Poop Money Drill is free to everybody who applies nationally by the Financial Services Agency (FSA). The FSA has a stake in teaching the public about how to keep the Japanese financial system operating because it is responsible for stabilizing it.

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However, this time they severely overestimated the demand, forcing them to halt orders until they could catch up. The FSA reported that the outflow was consistent, averaging around 10 orders per day, with a jump of roughly 1,000 times.

The FSA is happy that so many parents are interested in teaching their children about economics, but they were unable to publish so many books.

Many were surprised by the news, but especially by its importance and that FSA was involved.

The FSA promises to restart things as quickly as possible and to keep providing the book going forward. We can find solace in the fact that Poop Money Drill’s online version is still accessible and cost-free on the Poop Campus (Unkogakuen) website in the interim.

Other Poop Drill book options include topics like traffic safety, toilet etiquette, etc. There are also ancillary Poop products like Poop Drill toilet paper and Poop Drill gummies.

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