The best toilet technology is going to be for everybody

Xiaomi has launched the Tinymu Smart Toilet Cover Pro-H Version through crowdfunding in China.

The new Pro-H version starts at 999 yuan (~$157) excluding the filter element and installation while the smart toilet seat with two filter elements and installation costs 1299 yuan (~$204).

The Pro-H version of the Tinymu Smart Toilet Cover can electrolyze water with the addition of hypochlorous acid to sterilize efficiently more than 99% against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. So, it can effectively block fecal-oral transmission, making the toilet truly clean. The sterile water also can be automatically restored to natural water, making it environmentally friendly.

Each time the toilet lid is opened, it will automatically start the pre-wetting function. During this phase, there is multi-directional automatic spraying of water mist to moisten the inner wall surface of the toilet to prevent dirt from adhering to the surface when flushing.

The smart toilet seat cover supports 8 cleaning modes. These include menstrual care, spa, children’s cleaning, women’s cleaning, buttocks cleaning, massage cleaning, reciprocating cleaning, and selection cleaning. Most children cannot use the washing function normally because of their small buttocks but the one-key operation of this product is specially designed for children and can be used without being seated.

After the flushing is completed, the Tinymu Pro-H can blow jets of warm air, which goes from room temperature to 50°C, which is suitable for all seasons.

You can start the deodorization function by yourself when you sit down. The activated carbon is combined with a catalyst deodorant, and then a fan is used to ventilate the room so that it smells fresh when someone else wants to use the loo.

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The Tinymu Smart Toilet Cover Pro-H adopts a new slim design with smooth lines. It packs a remote sensor at the side for remote control operation. Further, the seat is said to be compatible with 95% of mainstream toilets in the market. It can be adapted to arc, wall-mounted, and small toilets.

Xiaomi has introduced some features similar to the ones TOTO had launched when they presented their new toilets at CES 2021. These new seats will surely change the way we use the bathroom even here in the West. The smart features used for bathrooms, which have always been popular in Japan, are affecting even those who were not used to them. While for some it will be a chance to have a bidet, albeit inside the toilet, for others already accustomed, it will challenge having to decide whether to stick with the tradition of the bidet or move to a smarter habit.