Footage shows a woman mixing a drink inside the toilet bowl

A new footage about an odd use of the toilet went viral but this time it’s not an influencer licking the toilet seat or the one grilling a steak in an airplane toilet, it’s a woman intent on preparing a drink to serve to her guests at a party. However, the strange thing was that she was doing that casually and inside a toilet bowl.

The bizarre footage has reached more than 6.6 million views on Twitter, where reactions ranged from horrified to disbelieving.

In the viral video, the woman fills her toilet bowl with ice cubes, then she adds candy and ice cream before opening the flush compartment and pouring a bunch of drinks, including Fanta, Sprite, and a whole bottle of fruit punch. She then pulls the flush to mix all together inside the toilet bowl, creating a sugary and colorful concoction that she serves to her guests.

As soon as the video became viral on Twitter, commenters felt disgusted and could not believe that the video was real, as many of them called it a prank.

Here’s the video.

Many theorized that the video was supposed to be satirical, but criticized the content creators for wasting food.

The video was first shared on a Facebook page called ‘The Anna Show’, which has clarified that it was scripted for “entertainment purposes only”. Furthermore, the toilet looks unused and without a connection to the water system. Anyway, this doesn’t make it less weird if they drank the punch.

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