It had been stolen before the end of WWII

The toilet seat was taken from Hitler’s private bathroom at the Berghof, his mountain hideaway in the Bavarian Alps that was looted by a young U.S. soldier before the end of WWII.

Ragnvald C. Borch, the soldier concerned, was one of the first Americans on the scene since he was fluent in German and French, so he was sent to liaise with the French 2nd Armoured Division. When the war was closing, he was told by senior officers to get what he wanted from the Berghof, which had been badly damaged by Allied bombing during the last days of the war. That’s when he chose to take Hitler’s toilet seat as a keepsake, and when was asked by another soldier why, the Sergeant replied: “Where do you think Hitler put his ass?”

Ragnvald C. Borch at Berghof
Ragnvald C. Borch at Berghof

The soldier then shipped his trophy back to his family in New Jersey, where he put it on display in his basement.

Now the soldier’s son has sold the toilet seat at Alexander Auctions where the 16-inch wide seat was hailed as ‘one of a kind’. “This was as close to a ‘throne’ as the dictator would ever get”, said Bill Panagopulos, president of Alexander Auctions.

The rare WWII item was put up for bidding and it was sold for £13,750 ($18,750).


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