The effects of the pandemic inspired for a new attraction

Lagunasia, an amusement park located not far from Nagoya in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, is bringing terror, to a new venue, with the first haunted toilet of the theme park industry.

The attraction is named ‘Horror! Hanako-san of the Toilet’ and it’s based on the story of a young girl named Hanako-san. The urban legend is about the spirit of the young girl, Hanako-san, who haunts school bathrooms in Japan. Now, she will be taking up residence in one of the bathrooms of Lagunasia.

The haunted restroom is part of the amusement park’s ‘With Corona Horror Fest 2020’. It will be limited to one person at a time and it will also be disinfected after each guest’s session.

Lagunasia teamed up with Tokyo-based horror entertainment company Kowagarasetai (the team behind Tokyo’s recent drive-in haunted house, which simulates being stuck in a car during a zombie outbreak), to create experiences that limit congestion and contact because of COVID-19.

Besides, Lagunasia is offering the ‘Scream Coffin’ attraction, which places visitors in a Japanese-style casket complete with a window, typically used to view the deceased at funerals in Japan, but you won’t be resting in peace just yet, since apparently you’ll be having a visitor while you lie there, and you’ll be unable to flee from the creature just inches in front of your face (though with a plastic panel so that you won’t get breathed on).

‘Horror! Hanako-san of the Toilet’ and ‘Scream Coffin’ run from October 3 to December 6.

The legend of Hanako-San animated

The legend of Hanako-San has terrified Japanese schoolchildren for generations. She is said to be the spirit of a young girl who is known to haunt school bathrooms. Some think that she was a child who lived during World War II, and who was killed in an air raid while hiding in a school bathroom during a game of hide-and-seek. Others think that Hanako-san came to haunt school bathrooms after being murdered by a stranger or an abusive parent. To summon Hanako-san, it is often said that individuals must enter a girls’ bathroom (usually on the third floor of a school), knock three times on the third stall, and ask if Hanako-san is present. If Hanako-san is there, she will reply with some variation of “Yes, I am.” The individual may then witness the appearance of a bloody or ghostly hand, or even Hanako-san herself. If they do see her Hanako-san will pull the individual into the toilet, which may lead to a lifetime of suffering in hell.


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