It started as a parody of social media trends, it went viral

One recent trend, the ‘pee your pants challenge’, is certainly low on effort though it may take some extra post-production cleanup.

Videos of the challenge do demonstrate people truly urinating on themselves. They film themselves in front of the mirror saying “pee your pants challenge”, then they pee their pants.

The challenge began with an April 21 post by Liam Weyer. The hashtag he started has 1.9 million views as of Friday morning, and dozens of other videos recreating the challenge and reacting to it. 

TikTok users also used the hashtag to mock or parody the trend itself, either pretending they were unable to pee or just appearing horrified at the challenge altogether.

Weyer, the creator of the challenge, is a 19-year-old filmmaker and comedian from Kansas who hopes to write for TV one day. While others were quick to both copy and poke fun at his challenge, he said he created it as a parody, to begin with.

“I am definitely surprised that the challenge actually became a trend. I created the challenge as a parody of the other challenges that have gone viral on the internet in an attempt to show how pointless they are” Weyer said.

This guy, who also creates sketch comedy videos, told that he was surprised to see that people on the internet will pee themselves if you call it a challenge and add a hashtag.

While the challenge may be disturbing to some, it’s at least not outright dangerous like the nutmeg challenge, which encourages creators to consume highly toxic levels of the spice.

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