Coronavirus is making toilet paper more important than food

A mum who found no toilet paper at the supermarket decided to make her own. After several trips to the store, the Australian woman didn’t find toilet paper as people still stockpiling it due to coronavirus pandemic.

So, she posted on Facebook she needed a solution because she lives in a house with all women who normally use more toilet paper than men. Then she found a solution from an Australian hardware store called Bunnings where she spent $11.95 on a pack of 20 microfiber cloths.

She cut them into 80 strips to be used as toilet paper. After, she put them in a bucket full of bleach to clean them. The solution is not ideal but at least this allows these cloths to be reusable and environmentally friendly at the same time but it also saved from wasting water from flushing (25 flushes per day she admitted).

Initially, she considered cutting up a towel as toilet tissue but then she realized microfiber is softer for women and dries quickly when washed. This could reduce the need for toilet paper and save money, she added.

Toilet paper is becoming vital as we never expected to be especially in a pandemic setting.


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