Goodbye toilet paper?

If you’re spending too much in toilet paper, maybe it’s time to switch to washing instead of wiping.

Dr. Philip Buffington, the chief medical officer of The Urology Group in the US argues that using toilet paper leaves a residue of stool and bacteria, whereas, washing clean all dirt off. Moreover, wiping may cause issues such as anal fissure caused by too much and hard wiping with toilet paper, as Dr. Evan Goldstein said in Singapore. These tears along with constipation add further pressure to the anus.

As a result, who washes or uses a bidet is less subjected to rashes, discomfort or irritation, as Dr. Allen Kamrava (a Californian colorectal and general surgeon) said.

For women, washing the vaginal area is also a good practice instead of wiping with toilet paper. However, some women are concerned about disrupting the bacterial balance with the water jet of the bidet. According to Dr. Buffington this is unlikely to happen, unless of a high-powered water jet reaching urethra and cervix.

Washing isn’t only good for health, but it’s also eco-friendly because requires less water than wiping (140 liters against 500 ml), and no paper waste.

Source CNA Lifestyle

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