The man who gives a shit

Jack Sim, aka Mr. Toilet, is the founder of the World Toilet Organization and planned the first Toilet World Summit which interested media, so in 2013, the U.N. recognized officially the work of this organization and established the World Toilet Day on Novembre 19th.

The World Toilet Organization has also founded the University of Toilet that provides a patented learning model that guarantees the best standards and practices for sanitation in urban and rural contexts. The aim is not only an education for cleaning and maintenance, but also for sanitation, changing of behaviors, public policies, social business and to give advice for the ones who clean and fix public toilets.

In 2014, Sim was called by the Indian Prime Minister Modi to built 110 million public services as part of his campaign Swachh Bharat (Clean India), an effort to reduce public defecation. Jack Sim also provided public toilets to over 600 million people in 60 months. According to his organization, every dollar spent in the water and public toilets produce a return of $4.3 in the reduction of health care costs that means a profitable project for every government.

In 2019 a movie talking about Jack Sim’s story came out, it’s called “Mr. Toilet, the world’s #2 man”. Here’s the trailer:

For further information visit mrtoiletfilm

The last Mr. Toilet’s project is to create a World Toilet Museum.

The toilet world is always on the cutting edge.


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