A sustainable and modern porta potty

If you need to use a toilet while in the woods it may not be much comfortable. However, the company Jupe tried to modernize this need by designing a new kind of toilet that looks very sci-fi but that blends well with the natural environment. It’s called The Portal and the team who worked on the project includes ex-Tesla and SpaceX designers.

As explained here, this toilet can be brought to different places by its users and when they enter this modern cabin with an all-white interior, they can feel like being in another dimension. To power The Portal there are some solar panels included with a battery and an inverter able to generate 200 watts that provide ample lighting and an always-on fan for odors. Such panels can be freely positioned in order to soak more sunlight.

The interior has been planned to have a volume that is at least three times larger than that of a typical portable toilet. In addition to the roomy design, The Portal has a natural skylight on the roof.

The experience becomes an intense optical illusion thanks to the Sky Portal cutout in the ceiling, which transforms the sky into a canvas. Additionally, the hole lets in a ton of light from the outside and gives users a glimpse of the sky as they do their business. The right place for meditation.

The mirrored glass that Jupe purposefully chose on The Portal is what gives the impression that it is hidden from the observers. A full-length mirror window provides panoramic but private views of mother nature. And if somebody wants to block off the view of nature while using the public restroom, they can roll down the thin window blind.

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The instant-on LED track lighting that runs along the ceiling appears to help the Portal detect users as soon as they enter. In order to promote those cozy aesthetics, it appears that the team also added some house plants inside The Portal in addition to the brilliant lighting that creates a warm sensation inside.

Along with its composting partner, Jupe is incorporating circular waste transformation technology that may transform human waste into soil fertilizer.